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【New Era New Balance】 New Era及New Balance兩個同樣以N為首的品牌將會合作為黑夜帶來光明,想知有咩驚喜?STAY TUNED! New Era and New Balance collaborates to create light within the dark. Want to know what the surprise is? Stay tuned! #NewEra #

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New Era HK specializes in baseball caps, having had to produce hats for many baseball teams across the US. There are hundreds of different styles and designs of caps from New Era Hong Kong, including snapbacks, flex-fit, and more. Each New Era cap

關於我們 新時代創立於2001年,一直專注於公屋/居屋市場,務求達至最佳合作關係。自創以短片形式將裝修完成品發佈於Youtube

New Era – NY Visor Flare 9Fifty Navy (UV Activated)